APOD Group is a Maryland based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Employing only the most elite agents, APOD Group is now the regional go-to for executive protection and investigative services.


We believe that our success is measured by the success of our clients. If our clients do not arrive safely and on time, then we have failed. The business battlefield is ever changing, increasingly complex and dangerous. To ensure your business is always moving forward, you will need analyzed risks and security solutions. We can manage all of your risk assessments, site advances, travel itineraries, transportation and logistics, so you can direct your focus on your business. Our processes ensure a seamless transition from your origin to destination safely. Choose APOD Group if you want professional, analytical and dependable agents who prioritize your interests.

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Our Work

We provide professional Executive Protection Agents, both armed and unarmed and uniformed and plain clothed. We also offer armored executive driver services, static estate security, specialized military and civilian training, investigation services, vulnerability testing and risk management consulting.

Maryland Based

World-wide coverage

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Noah G. | President/CEO

Noah G., President and CEO of APOD Group, served 14 years in the U.S. Navy and is now a proud Navy veteran. During his time of service, he was trained as an Aircrew Survival Equipment-man and served in Special Operations for six year as an Aviation Rescue Swimmer and NSW Air-crewman. He was also a member of the MH-60S Helicopter Crew. In 2008, Noah founded Grambo Inc, a Parachute Services Company in San Diego where he served as owner and CEO until 2011. During the following two years, Noah served on a high-risk PSD team in Afghanistan, where he protected numerous principals who were instrumental in the infrastructure and security of Afghanistan. In 2013, Noah founded APOD Group, LLC, in an effort to continue his passion for protecting and mentoring others. He has protected Foreign families, C-Level executives and high risk jewelers.

SME: EXECUTIVE protection, Secure Transportation, Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM), Private Security, Special Insertion and Extraction, ISR, Hostage Recovery.

ASSOCIATIONS: International Security Drivers Association (ISDA), United States Association of Professional Investigators (USAPI), Executive Security International Alumni, Tower Club Tyson’s Corner VA, saint mary’s Chamber of Commerce.


Dan M. | Director of Security Operations

Dan M., a U.S. Marine Veteran after four years of honorable service, now serves as the Director of Security Operations for APOD Group, LLC. During his time as a U.S. Marine, Dan served as a 5811 Military Police Officer, where he excelled in MP Special Operations, Aviation and Maritime Security Operations. He also specialized in information technologies management, communications, force/personnel protection, physical security, cyber security, industrial control systems security, intelligence, counterinsurgency and counter terrorism operations.

After leaving the Marines, Dan served 12 years on the Virginia police force as a Deputy Sheriff. Following his time on the force, he served two years in Afghanistan as an International Law Enforcement Instructor and Adviser, with experience in professional development training. As Senior Trainer he spearheaded and developed training programs for foreign military and police forces.

SME: Training Development, Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM) program, Military and Police Training Program and Cyber Security.