Secure Executive Transportation

Fact: 80% of attacks on Principal’s occur at the vehicle, either while they are leaving the office, on the move, in stopped traffic or at their destination. This probability for an attack makes Secure Executive Transportation the most important aspect of Corporate Security.

A CEO’s security cannot be gambled on ride sharing. Almost more important in deciding that you need Secure Executive transportation, is selecting the right driver. A Certified Security Driver is not the same as a Chauffeur Limousine driver. APOD Group uses Security Drivers that have been through an evasive driving school such as Vehicle Dynamic Institute, the Department of State WPPS program or similar executive protection school.

These schools ensure that the driver can perform their duties to over 80% of the vehicles capabilities and have been put through the proper training, to remove the Principal from a threat or attack. A standard Limo driver does not possess these qualifications.

Secure Transportation

Another very important function of the Security Driver, is the ability to analyze the road conditions and traffic flows in order to adjust the route at a moment’s notice. The last thing you would want is for the Principal to be boxed in at a stop light where an ambush can take place.

A qualified security driver can notice the change in traffic flow and keep the vehicle moving. The only way to know the route patterns and to determine if something seems wrong, is to run the routes prior to the security detail and also before the next venue, so there are no surprises.

The security driver is typically also a Certified Protection Specialist or Personal Protection Specialist that also functions as the Executive Bodyguard when the Principal only requires a driver.  

Selecting the proper Secure Executive Transportation can be the difference between a successful day and company damage control from an attack.

APOD Group provides Certified Security Drivers for your Secure Executive Transportation requirements.