Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the role of a Protective Services Detail?

A: A Protective Service Detail is a team or individual who is highly trained in security risk management and has the ability to assess potential threats, in an effort to keep you and your team safe. Our job is to protect people or assets with armed protection.

Q: Does hiring a Private Security Detail lower my insurance?

A: Sometimes hiring a Private Security Detail can lower your insurance. This varies by carrier, and we encourage you to reach out to your service provider directly to confirm the specifics for your company.

Q: Are your Executive Protective Agents armed?

A: We assess each situation individually to determine if the agents need to be armed. All of our agents are licensed to be armed, and will be if necessary. However, we believe in being prepared for all scenarios. For that reason, all of our Executive Protective Agents are also trained in multiple unarmed defensive tactics.

Q: Is APOD Group insured?

A: Yes, APOD Group is fully insured for nationwide and international operations. This is to protect our armed and unarmed agents.

Q: How much does it cost to work with APOD Group?

A: There are different types and levels of service available through APOD Group. We recommend a free consultation to discuss your unique situation and to identify a solution that is personalized to your needs.

Q: Are you law enforcement?

A: While some of our personnel have served as first responders and law enforcement, all employees and contractors of APOD Group function independently from any government organizations.

As a leading provider of intelligence, investigation, and an adviser for security risk, APOD Group is recognized as the go-to resource in the Washington D.C. Metro and across the United States. We are a full-service security risk management company, designed to assist clients make the best risk management decisions possible. Whether the need is to provide security and management for people who are traveling, or in their daily routines, APOD Group can mitigate and reduce risks.

Specializing in asset transport and international operations, our teams are well-versed in international travel, culture and customs. We provide professional security, and our method emphasizes blending in with the local surroundings. Unless a situation arises where we need to be seen, we operate under-the-radar, as much as possible. We spend a considerable amount of time with each client and strategize appropriately.

By identifying, re-mediating, and monitoring security risks within your company, and those targeting your top leadership, we can tailor a unique solution specifically for your situation. We understand that security and risk management are not a one-size fits all services. In order to meet the unique needs of each client, we have established ourselves as a robust tactical solution provider that is committed to the safety and security of both your personnel and assets.

Considering international travel? Be sure to evaluate the risk verse the reward before you schedule the trip. The team of experts at APOD Group will evaluate the situation and analyze the security risks involved, while maintaining the safety of your staff and assets.

There are multiple ways to avoid a costly “accident” or “sabotage.” When you choose APOD Group, you are prioritizing increased insight into delicate security matters. We can proactively prevent security breaches through enhanced insight and analysis. We can keep you on track, allowing you to do the business you need to do, while feeling confident that APOD Group is prepared with strategies and support, should the need arise.

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