Diplomatic Protection

APOD Group assists the United States Diplomatic Security Service to protect US diplomats and US diplomatic missions. We also assist with visiting foreign dignitaries. Our work includes investigations involving crime, terrorism and counterintelligence.

Diplomatic Protection

We advise US Ambassadors regarding their personal security and also how to manage or implement security programs around the world. We do not formulate foreign policy, but rather work to provide a coordinated security operation that fulfills missions of the US government.

Whether the needs are for local partnerships around the world aimed at mutual goals, such as shutting down human trafficking networks or preparing for the security at the Olympics, APOD Group is proud to work with the US Government in multiple capacities.

APOD Group works with the US Government to adapt to the changing landscape of global security by engaging in complex training and evolving with missions as they transpire. Changes in personnel, policy and training requirements depend on the stability of the core goal to accomplish a mission.