APOD Group works nationally and internationally providing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance to individuals, groups, and businesses. By integrating acquired intelligence with situational awareness, our team can make the best decisions to ensure your safety.


Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance are skills our personnel have developed through prior career training and experiences. This skill set is necessary for developing a well-rounded private security solution. By collaborating these functions, we are able to create a comprehensive plan, tailored to each unique situation.

We understand that as a high-profile and high risk-individual, your time is extremely valuable. Our goal is to tackle threats and potential vulnerabilities in order to create a security plan for you, so you can allocate your time elsewhere. By amassing data about you, your business and your potential threats, we can develop a tactical approach to improve clarity on what activities may be the most high-risk. Collecting, processing and analyzing data allows us to develop a security plan for both the present and the future.

Client Privacy

At APOD Group, maintaining a sense of trust and privacy is a top priority. Whether your business or personal interests take you across the country, or across the world, know that the APOD Group will value and respect your privacy. As a security company, we know that you trust us with the most intricate details of your business and life, so that we can provide you the best service possible. Please rest assured, any and all information provided to us is considered confidential, and will never be shared.