Kidnap and Ransom Resolutions and Recovery

Are you considering an insurance policy against kidnap and ransom? Many insurance policies cover extortion, detention, hijacking and more; however, prevention is better than seeking a resolution.

It is a sad fact that many kidnappers who receive their “reward” still murder their victim. Kidnapping is a violent criminal act that is perpetrated on those whom they have identified as vulnerable and a quick pay day.


CEOs, business leaders, parents and children are all potential targets. By working with APOD Group, you can reduce the potential of a kidnap and ransom.

The number one goal we will always have is safeguarding the victim by minimizing the time in captivity and reducing potential abuse through negotiation. APOD Group has assisted in the recovery of kidnapped individuals and is able to assist or manage negotiations on your behalf to work to get the victim safely returned.

When it comes to business leaders, insurances, extraction personnel and more - we will use our proven negotiation tactics to deliver ransom funds and recover the victim as quickly and with as little risk as possible.