Surveillance Detection

Surveillance Detection is an integral part of every security operation. Whether it is a mobile security detail or physical security at a facility, detecting the opposition can expose threats and prevent an attack. All attacks have a degree of surveillance used to determine routines and the oppositions security manpower.

To ensure success, the target must be observed and their routine must be determined to ensure the success of the attack. What they see, you can see as well and is easier to spot by the trained eye.

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That run-down car that you continue to see at numerous locations, at the same time you are there, for the past couple days is not a coincidence. The same person that takes special attention to you at the grocery store and does not buy anything, probably does not want to be your friend.

These telltale signs are indicators of surveillance and should be assumed that they are with ill intent. Sure, the first time you see a suspicious person does not mean there is malicious intent, but the second and third time; a pattern has been created and should be taken seriously.

We all have a sixth sense, it is called intuition or clairvoyance. That feeling that someone is watching you or that something feels out of place, is your intuition warning you.

Surveillance Detection is the action of observing those that are observing you. Detecting surveillance can prevent an attack if discovered and actions are taken. After an attack, witnesses have stated that they saw the attacker and something seemed off but they discounted it.

APOD Group provides Surveillance Detection and Counter Surveillance as a standard service in our Security Management Plans and Corporate Executive Protection Strategy.

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