Welcome to APOD Group

Who We Are

APOD Group is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) registered with the state and federal Government to provide Protection and Investigation Services.

As a Private Military Company, we are licensed to provide Private Investigations and Security in Maryland.

To ensure we are best at being able to protect and enable your business worldwide we hand pick our agents from top Law Enforcement Officers, Executive Protection Agents, Dignitary Security Agents, Special Operations members, Military and Private Security Operators.

As a private military company, we provide high protection and security consulting for companies conducting business in conflicted regions of the world. 

APOD Detail

Where We Work

APOD is based out of La Plata, Maryland but we have partners in Virginia and Washington D.C. as well as agents in 37 states across the United States and in 18 countries worldwide. Our company can provide not only nationwide but worldwide services.

We have proudly built a reputation for being the go-to company for analytical intelligence, covert protection and accurate risk assessments for companies in Spain, Africa and here, in the United States.

Our Beliefs

We believe that our success is measured by your success. If our clients do not arrive on time and safe then we have failed.

We understand that business opportunities are ever changing, increasingly complex and at times dangerous, but these risks can be managed and controlled with our help.

To provide successful security you need analyzed risk management, experienced body guards, and vast resources that allow you to execute every time regardless of the obstacles. No excuses just solutions.

Assessing Your Needs

Is your company prepared for the damage caused by the embarrassment, kidnapping, or death a C-level Executive?

High profile leaders that have an impact on the U.S. and world economy are considered High Value Targets (HVT) because of the instability that their death would cause.

A CEO that is out of decision-making for even three days can change the financial dynamic of a company, create turmoil amongst shareholders, reduce the value of the company and possibly change the world economy overnight. This is why an inclusive security plan must be developed and implemented.

No one ever thinks it will happen until it does, and this scenario is becoming more prevalent.

We mitigate that risk and reduce the opportunity of this scenario becoming reality by determining your security needs, developing a plan to address your concerns and provide either High-Profile, Low Profile or Covert Protection that will allow you to continue to move forward in your business anywhere in the world.

The cost of damage control compared to the protection costs are significantly higher than anyone can plan for. An $18.5 million ransom for the CEO of Exxon which began with kidnapping and ended with death could have been avoided by a $2.5 million round the clock Covert Security Detail. You cannot assume it will not happen to you.