Personal Security

When it comes to personal security, finding the best private security company can be daunting. APOD Group is fully licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services to provide both individuals and businesses stellar, world-class security and protection.

Have you considered hiring a private investigator? If you need to know the truth about a situation in order to make an informed decision about your or your family’s personal security, our team of professionals can be of assistance.


Whether you are looking for confirmation of a spouse that is not faithful or need assistance verifying information about an employee, maintain your personal boundaries and protection by allowing APOD Group to work on your behalf. We will work to find the truth you need while ensuring your own personal security and privacy.

If you need more than simple security, we can offer personal, professional and private security services for on-site or world-traveling CEOs. Our trained personal security details will assess threats and keep you and your people safe.