Foreign Protection

APOD Group is a global resource available to individuals and the government for the purposes of physical security. While a majority of our work is done on US Soil, we offer significant resources around the world for foreign protection.

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Whether you need evacuation, security, medical or travel risk management solutions, we can assist you. Individuals, enterprises and governments are all customers of APOD’s Foreign Protection services.

When you travel internationally, you are at a heightened visibility for threat and danger. APOD Group is there to mitigate that risk and reduce threats. Our combat-seasoned professionals are military veterans who have already been in the world’s most dangerous locales and know how to prepare our clients for these danger zones.

Business and opportunity know no bounds. When you work with APOD Group, we make it possible to travel where the opportunities arise while ensuring your safe travel there and your return to your family. In areas of turmoil and disruption, we can provide protection to people and possessions.

We work alongside federal, state, and local governments, as well as those around the globe. Our relationships with intelligence organizations and government allies allows us to stay apprised of travel warnings and restrictions which might negatively impact our clients and their plans.

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