Celebrity Protection

You already know that with great fame and the spotlight comes fanatics. We call them “fans” most of the time, but true “fanatics” have a deep desire to get as close to you as possible. Some are benign, some want to be remembered and will cause you harm as a way to “be close to you”.

While some people might be deterred by the stereotypical “body guard,” members of the APOD Group have formal training that assures that we will not only use our brawn, but more importantly, our brains. Most celebrities can engage in meet and greets with fans without any problem, but behind every autograph and every Instagram selfie, you can rest assured, someone is watching for the aberrant behavior and the telltale signs that danger is on the horizon.


Celebrities choose APOD Group because they know our celebrity protection will not create a firestorm of publicity for the wrong reasons. Whether you need assistance dealing with stalkers or crowd control, we can work with you to make quick escapes and prevent dangerous encounters.

The world is changing daily and the source of threats are entering from multiple channels. Whether the social media threats are real or not, it is better to be safe than sorry. Members of the APOD Group will not serve as simply show pieces. We are looking for indicators and signs that your safety and protection are about to be compromised.

You can engage your fans while we look for the suspect body language, facial expressions, and threatening fixation. We will work to preserve your safety and security. You can trust that we will protect your life and you can rely on our expertise to prevent damaging information from reaching the press.