Executive Protection and Security Services

If you are a corporate executive considering protection and security services, you probably already know that the calibre of your security detail is important. But you probably do not know how to judge that calibre.

Service providers, like APOD Group, have spent years training to become highly adept at creating comprehensive and customized plans for protecting and securing individuals, such as yourself. Every plan, like every individual, has similarities, but many differences. The difference when you hire APOD Group is that we are ready to deploy protection details world-wide 24/7 to meet your real-world business needs.

Our team is comprised of seasoned field operators who also have business world experience. We will not show up to your board retreat in 5.11 tactical gear and a thigh holster. The men and women who serve on the APOD Group team are familiar with the nuances of situational awareness in the corporate world and are prepared to fit in seamlessly, until they are needed to go into action.

Corporate Executive Detail

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About our Clients:

The individuals who hire APOD Group are at elevated personal risk due to their position within their business. They are desirable targets because of their power to make decisions and because of their influence in the market. They may also be the target of former employees due to layoffs or terminations.

Over the years we have realized that our corporate executive clients prefer us to be more of a presence, rather than a show of brute force. We do not smother our executives; however, we are at the ready for protective company heads preventing unstable former employees who are a threat from gaining access.

Regardless of the corporate scenario, APOD Group will develop a protection and security solution that will fit all your unique needs, domestic and abroad.