Armed Guard Service

APOD Group’s armed guards are trained in the use of multiple firearms and are licensed to carry weapons. We possess a calm demeanor and understand the responsibility bestowed upon us as custodians of people, places, and possessions.

Whether we are ensuring the safe transport of valuable assets or the protection of cash, jewelry, collectibles, or works of arts, we treat each item with the utmost respect and reverence.

Armed Guard Service

When guarding people, we provide armed escort to and from financial institutions and or casinos. We ensure that the protection you already have established, such as security systems, alarms and safes haven’t been tampered with.

If you are seeking support for an event that would benefit from an increased crime deterrent, such as an armed guard, we can be of assistance. Whether you need armed guard services for a day or longer, we can protect your people and your assets.

While armed guards are rarely called upon to engage in lethal force, each of our team members is trained to protect assets, self-protect, and take down armed adversaries and assailants.