APOD Group - Now Open in Lexington Park, MD.

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Location, location, location. If you’re housing a business in Southern Maryland, and your focus is on corporate security and protection services, it only makes sense to headquarter near Naval Air Station Patuxent River. We are excited to announce that APOD Group is now located right in the heart of Lexington Park, where we serve many local businesses and the public.

The paint was still drying when we unveiled our new office, which can be spotted right off of route 235. Surrounded by local business leaders, family and friends, we took the giant scissors and cut the ribbon to commemorate what will be the beginning of great service to our community. To date, APOD Group specializes in executive protection, both domestically and internationally, physical security for large corporations, providing secure and safe transportation, and private investigation services. We have the heart of a small business, but the nationwide footprint of a large corporation. We are proud to provide security for one of the largest data companies globally, but equally proud to help the local mother who is trying to provide proof of domestic abuse and infidelity during a divorce.

If you contract APOD Group to manage your security, you can expect to be surrounded with former special operations members, law enforcement professionals and executive protection agents.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to fly under-the-radar, emphasizing covert protection, a standard that is becoming increasingly prevalent in our industry. The days of overt suits, ties and black Suburban’s are transitioning to a more covert tactical approach, using plain clothes and less obvious vehicles. The strategies and tactics are the same but the appearance is what allows us to move freely without attracting unnecessary attention, except where it is commonplace and fits in naturally, such as Washington D.C.,” explains Noah Graeme, CEO of APOD Group.

With services ranging from corporate security and active shooter training, to employee termination protection and planning, we provide a wide variety of security services that are essential to the surrounding government contractors and community, in our new location. While we hope this is never the case, should the need arise, we have the expertise and background to assist and provide companies support when a large lay off is planned, or an employee is becoming violent in the workplace.

Unfortunately, today’s environment can be volatile and safety needs to be prioritized, before something tragic happens. Putting us in place proactively, to manage your corporate security, reduces overall costs and increases our reaction time. Most companies hope that there will never be an issue and fail to plan adequately. Making a plan at the 11th hour is more costly than if an established strategy was already in place. Here at APOD Group our goal is to provide comprehensive services that allow for companies and individuals to keep themselves, their teams and their assets well protected, while maintaining a normal business work flow.

As we settle into our new home in St. Mary’s county, we hope that you will take a moment to stop by and say hello, drop us a phone call or send us an email. We would love to talk more about how APOD Group can help fulfill your security needs.

Phone: 240.776.6206

Email: noah@apodgroup.com

21803 Three Notch Road, Suite B

Lexington Park, MD 20653 


Noah Graeme