Body Guards Globally

If you have searched on the internet, you will find an ocean of Body Guard Services Nationwide. A majority of these companies do not specialize in Body Guard Services, they merely use key word rich text to lure in the customer. This is only to later find out they are a static security company, which provides unarmed mall security or are observers to crimes.

So how do you hire a Body Guard that is experienced, licensed and dependable?

You must first ask a few simple but important questions:

  • Is the Agency or Body Guard licensed for either Private Detective services?

  • Are they Executive Protection which is covered in Maryland or Personal Protection like with the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Private Security Services in Virginia?

Body Guards Nationwide

These licenses ensure that the agent you are getting to protect and aid you in your business, have been through the required training to hold the title.

There are solo practitioners that use the title of Executive Protection Agent or Body Guard very loosely and do not understand that being a bouncer at a night club does not make you a qualified Body Guard.

In this industry, you lose if you were not able to predict the threat and remove the client in time. This business is about preventing attacks and keeping the client away from threats, and is not about getting into Hollywood style fight sequences.

Secondly, you should found out where the agents received their training. An agent should have a resume with all of their experience, training and licenses. The top private schools that we look for when hiring bodyguards are:

  • Executive School International (ESI),

  • Executive Protection International (EPI),

  • Academi (Formerly Blackwater)

  • and licensed schools that each state requires agents to attend before receiving the license. For example, PPS training schools in Virginia.

We also look for agents that have attended private security schools as in:

  • Department of State Worldwide Protective Security Services or

  • WPPS,

  • Triple Canopy,

  • DynCorp and

  • SOC.

Body Guards Available Nationwide

For Military/Law Enforcement backgrounds we look for:

  • Special Operations,

  • Intelligence,

  • Military Police and

  • Executive Protection agents in Law Enforcement.

These experiences and licenses do largely differ than that of a Bouncer or a security guard.

Lastly, you should inquire to see if the company is active. An easy way to find out, is to go to the State’s Secretary of State website and you will find a way to search for a business entity. There you will find the status of the company, which will be one of the following: active, forfeited or dissolved.

All of these questions should be easily answerable when you sit down for your initial consultation. They should be open to all of the questions that you may have so you feel comfortable with your decision.

As always, contact APOD Group at any time if there are further questions about our Body Guard services or how the process works. We are always here to serve you and ensure your business continues safely.