Close Protection Services

The experts at APOD Group help keep clients safe from unwanted attention and potential physical harm. Not every person who has sought our services has already received threats; however, many have and are looking for solutions to discouraging those who may be considering an attack.

Close Protection Services

Close Protection Services include:

  • Precheck on all locales, such as hotels, restaurants, offices, theaters and public spaces before the client arrives onsite.

  • Installation of necessary surveillance equipment (both temporary and permanent)

  • Blueprinting/Surveying of all venue layouts for expedited exit and barricades

  • Escort/Accompaniment for client on all social, business, and personal trips

  • Transportation to and from higher-risk venues

Our clients may be the target of former employees, political opponents, stalkers, and fanatics. Some may be the target of kidnapping and ransom.

Close Protection

People who typically engage our services:

  • High net worth individuals

  • Business leaders

  • Foreign dignitaries

  • Celebrities

  • Royal families

  • Legal professionals

  • Professional athletes

Threats to your safety and your family’s security may come from anywhere. When you choose APOD Group, know that your close protection detail has been trained in defensive and evasive driving, as well as armed and unarmed tactics.

While many close protection service professionals from APOD Group may engage in longer lengths of time without engaging active threats, you can rest assured that they are constantly remaining alert to potentially threatening situations so they can react and respond appropriately.

We will work around your schedule to ensure the least amount of disruption to your work and leisure life. Whether you’re visiting a foreign country or making an appearance at a political rally, APOD Group can provide the best close protection services for both short and long contracts.