Corporate Executive Protection Strategy

Corporate Executives hire APOD Group for our protection strategies. Many businesses can prescribe a 1, 2, 3 approach that will suffice 90% of the time; however, we know that people meaning to cause harm can be patient and will often wait for a window of opportunity to strike.

Corporate Executive Protection Strategy

To us, 90% isn’t good enough. We build corporate executive protection strategies that take into consideration:

  • Real-time intel from global resources

  • Local authority intelligence

  • Comprehensive geographical planning

  • All-points vulnerability analysis

By reviewing your routines, your engagements, and your unique proclivities, we can adapt to the remaining 10% to customize an approach to your protection that will keep you the safest possible.

Working with your detail to develop a protection strategy that you are willing to adhere to will be crucial to maintaining your safety. Compliance on your part is integral.

When the unforeseen occurs, we have already planned out multiple response scenarios to get you out, get you safe, and get you back to business. Threats are out there, we know how to adapt and improvise to maintain the highest levels of safety.