Executive Bodyguard Services

Being a high value CEO or officer in a Fortune 500 company, or a world leader is hard enough without needing to be concerned with their safety. On an average, a high value client makes $3,000 to $5,000 an hour because of their importance in the company and the affect their day has on the operations.

They are able to manage every minute of their time to be profitable. Running in the background of this graceful ballet of success is Executive Bodyguard Services that not only manage their itinerary, but also manages a team of Executive Bodyguards that are tasked with ensuring that wherever the principal is going will be safe and ready for their arrival.

An Executive Bodyguard's main purpose is to ensure that business continues regardless of the obstacles. An Executive Bodyguard is an accomplished problem solver and extremely resourceful. They are always thinking ahead and planning for the worst-case scenario, so the Principal can focus on business operations.

While the Principal is conducting business, the Executive Bodyguard is communicating with his team of agents and inspecting next venues for anything that could prevent the Principal’s business, cause harm or embarrassment.

Executive Bodyguards

Executive Bodyguards have many roles on the team. Since 80% of attacks on Principals happen on the vehicle, the driver must be well trained in evasive driving and be able to function well under extreme stress.

The driver must be able to evaluate traffic patterns on the fly and predict where the traffic is flowing, so to not get stuck in traffic. A vehicle at a stop is one of the most dangerous times for a principal. The Agent In Charge (AIC) or Detail Leader (DL) is responsible for the Principal’s protection, health and comfort.

The Shift Leader (SL) or Assistant Detail Leader (ADL) is responsible for the operations of the team. All members of the team are experienced in unarmed conflict resolution, Martial Arts and also have a high level of firearms training.

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