Nationwide Executive Protection Services

APOD Group provides Nationwide Executive Protection Services to enable your business and daily functions securely. As with our International Execution Protection we employ low profile and covert protection to maintain security, while not looking like a big security team.

Even if the client does not want to know that they are being protected, our covert protection strategies will fill your need. This clandestine model for protection reduces the risk greater than a High-Profile Protection detail in most cases and dependent on the threat and the need of the client, it would determine which method we use. We prefer to blend in and move freely rather than to carry a large and noticeable entourage.

So how are we able to provide security in so many other states? Our vast network of Executive Bodyguards allows us to reduce our costs and pass the savings on to the client. We set the standard by requiring the agent to be licensed in the state to perform the Close Protection Services.

Executive Protection Nationally and Internationally

We vet each Executive Protection Agent to ensure that he meets our high standards. What we have seen in other Corporate Executive Protection Companies is that the agents would have the experience, but not be licensed in that state.

This creates added risk and possible embarrassment to the client if there is an action on the principal and the bodyguard is not operating legally. Usually resulting in bad press that would tarnishing the client’s reputation.

Also, every agent that we partner with works directly with us. We do not use third or fourth party companies and agents. We do not take your request and pass it on to a company that knows someone, who knows someone. We are directly responsible for the client and our insurance covers the detail and the agents directly.

We have agents in 37 states, which is a force multiplier for our operations because it keeps our costs down and allows your business to continue anywhere in the United States securely.