Personal Protection

APOD Group protects its clients from bodily harm intended by enemies through personal or close protection. Trained and certified through the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), each member of your personal protection detail possesses skills and knowledge of how to lawfully protect you and your loved ones.

The program at DCJS ensures each graduate understands the applicable laws of the Code of Virginia as well as legal authority and civil law. Training also includes:

  • Threat assessments

  • Protectee vulnerability assessments

  • Protective detail operations (including motorcades)

  • Tactical transportation (driving, surveillance and counter-surveillance)

  • Emergency response (procedures, communications, electronics, first aid)

  • International protective details (including culture, comparative religion, and terrorism awareness)

Personal Protection

Choosing APOD Group for your personal protection needs ensures that your detail is not only fully educated, but that they have experienced enough live-action to be more than satisfactorily prepared to address any concerns you may have about your safety.

You can rest assured that when someone has received their certification from DCJS, they have been properly vetted by the Commonwealth of Virginia. They have been reviewed for criminal history, firearms proficiency, and knowledge of the law.