Private Airline Security

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - a new proposal has been made to enforce background checks on those who wish to fly on private corporate jets. There are over 15 thousand corporate jets and 300+ small airports who accommodate these planes.

This unprecedented intrusion into private flying will affect hundreds of thousands of people who travel on private jets each year. Private Airline Security is currently efficient and quick for screening its passengers. However, if the TSA has its way, background checks as well as future screenings may become commonplace for Private Airlines.

Private Air travel

When you travel with APOD Group, we will work to ensure your safety alongside TSA while prioritizing your personal safety. Every effort will be made to minimize your discomfort as your participate in the dreaded TSA scanning process.

As always, all aircraft captains will remain responsible for the health and safety of their passengers and will retain the right to search all bags brought aboard their aircraft. APOD Group will work with these captains to maintain your privacy and your security while traveling.