APOD Group works nationally and internationally providing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance to individuals, groups, and businesses. By integrating acquired intelligence with situational awareness, our team can make better decisions about your safety.


While intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance are skills our personnel have developed on the battlefield, they are more than ever necessary for developing a complete private security solution. These three functions are used together to help create a comprehensive view of your unique situation.

Our goal is to help you stay focused on your business matters, while allowing us to tackle the threats and potential vulnerabilities you are subject to as a high-profile or high-risk individual. By amassing data about you, your company, your business and your potential threats, we can develop a tactical approach to improve clarity on what activities may be the most high risk. By collecting, processing and analyzing data in support of your safety, we can protect you now and in the future.

Client Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Whether your business or personal interests take you across the country, or across the world, know that the APOD Group will value and respect your privacy. Knowing our clients and their routines is crucial to our successful mission; however, that information stops with us.